How to Get Started at a Sportsbook

Before you can place a bet on sports, you need to sign up for an account with a sportsbook. This involves entering your personal details, opting in for the welcome offer, and reading the terms and conditions of the sportsbook. You may also need to enter a promo code. These codes can be found on the sportsbook’s website.

Bonuses offered by sportsbooks

Sign-up bonuses are a popular way for sportsbooks to attract new customers. These bonuses are different for every sportsbook and vary in size and type. Some sportsbooks offer them in the form of free bets that you can use to deposit money into your account and then withdraw when you win. Each sportsbook has different terms and conditions that apply to these bonuses. The goal of these bonuses is to bring in new customers and keep existing ones. But just because you get something for free does not mean that the sportsbook is a good choice.

Sign-up requirements

When signing up with a sportsbook, you will be required to provide certain documents in order to create an account and withdraw winnings. These requirements are designed to protect you against fraud and money laundering. In addition, they keep account holders from setting up multiple accounts.

Minimum deposit required

To get started, most sportsbooks require a small deposit to open an account. This deposit is usually the easiest to make with credit cards, but eWallets are also an option. These apps and services let you store bank and credit card numbers in one place and make and receive payments quickly. Some sportsbooks also don’t require a minimum deposit for eWallets.

Spread bets

Spread bets are a great way to place wagers on sporting events. They even the odds between two teams, so that bookmakers get equal action on both sides of the game. For example, if the Colts are favored to win a football game, you could place a spread bet on them to win by at least three points.

Fractional odds vs. decimal odds

There are three main types of betting odds: decimal, fractional and money line. The difference between them lies in the way they are displayed. Decimal odds are more commonly found in European and British sportsbooks. They are quick and easy to read. However, many people get confused when they see fractional odds.

Rollover requirements

Before you begin betting online with a sportsbook, it is crucial that you understand the rollover requirements. These requirements vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. Some have no rollover requirements, while others hide them deep within the website. This can cause confusion for new players, who may need to make a large number of bets in order to clear their rollover requirement.